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Connecting the Future

Vivid Technology develops and implements solutions today that create a better tomorrow.

As a world leading, multi-award winning, innovative Australian IoT energy efficiency and clean technology company, Vivid Technology delivers improved environmental, operational & financial benefits for commercial and industrial customers through:

Smart IoT Building Lighting Systems

Smart Data Analytics & Reporting

CO2-to-fuel Conversion Technologies

Clean Technology Solutions

Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Engineered Lighting Solutions

As a diversified innovative clean technology company Vivid Technology delivers unparalleled energy efficiency, productivity improvements and carbon reductions.

We look to the future to create solutions for today’s most pressing problems.


Developing innovative solutions is in our DNA.

We disrupt and challenge the norm.

We see solutions where others see problems and look at the world with a fresh perspective.

We connect todays businesses to the future. Link to Innovation


We know that things can be done differently. Efficiency drives us, whether it is energy efficiency, productivity efficiency, operational efficiency or financial efficiency.

With a focus on helping improve our customers business and bottom line, we develop products, systems and solutions that delivers up to 90% energy efficiency, productivity improvements and carbon reductions.


Lighting has become digital and has transformed how we work and live. Our digital lighting creates Smart Buildings and IoT connected spaces.

With each light gathering over 3.5m data points per year our technology underpins the move to Industry 4.0, where data, communication, analytics and algorithms merge and interact to improve performance and efficiencies across an entire business.


IoT lighting platforms, Industry 4.0, CO2 to fuel converters – we do things differently.

We don’t wait to follow, we lead as we know what exists today may not be what is needed tomorrow. Our teams develop solutions for a connected and sustainable future.


Every business needs lights and have come to expect more from lights – improved efficiency, longer life, less maintenance and better quality lighting. By just replacing old lighting with LED lighting we can deliver up to 80% energy efficiency savings and speedy payback periods for our customers.

For companies looking for deeper ongoing savings of up to 90%, lighting reliability, reduced maintenance and site intel, we install smart sensor enabled lights that create an intelligent connected ceiling which drives optimum energy and operational efficiencies for businesses.

Our team of lighting specialists, engineers and software developers can do both, it all depends on customer needs, scope and budget. Link to Products


Vivid Technology is very proud to have received multiple awards for its technology and service delivery. We don’t do business for awards, we are given awards for the business that we do.

It is always a great moment when an expert body or a client given us recognition for our disruptive cutting-edge technology, the innovative way we do business and the way our dedicated team partners with our customers to delivers great projects.


Long term sustainable out comes are through effective collaboration. We work in partnership with our customers to help them solve their most pressing issues.

We also have an impressive network of international partners, who are leading the transformation and have recognising the world leading disruptive and innovative technology that we have developed.


Lighting is for people. Without people there would be no need for human created light.

Understanding that light output needs to be human centric, we are continually improving our lighting technology to ensure that it is efficient, the right lumen quality.

Vivid Technology Awards

Vivid Technology is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with the stock code of VIV


We create change. We do things differently. We disrupt through cutting edge innovation.

We don’t see a problem, we see a challenge that needs to be solved and has the ability to create an opportunity for our customers, the environment and the entire planet.

We are innovators and engineers, futurists and accountants, innovators and project manager, software developers and lighting specialists.

Our feet are firmly planted on the ground whilst are minds are creating change.


Sustainability is core to Vivid Technology’s purpose, in directly driving energy and carbon reductions and resource efficiencies to improve customer business operations and environmental outcomes.

Vivid Technology is committed to delivering long term sustainable outcomes through continually challenging established norms, developing transformational technological innovations and process improvements.

Vivid Technology is Circular Economy in practice and is a B Corporation and a Silver EcoVadis Accredited company.


Vivid Technology focuses on improving lives, communities and the environment through innovative and profitable clean technologies.

We partner with our customers to contribute to their ongoing success by improving their profitability, productivity and work place environment.

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