Cold Storage

Cold storage requires lighting that is robust

Cold storage requires lighting that is robust, designed to tolerate extreme temperatures and moisture, uses minimal energy and requires only minimal maintenance. Vivid Technology’s MATRIXX® is the perfect cold storage lighting solutions. Robust, intuitive, energy efficient and build with silicon rather than glass, MATRIXX® can tolerate extreme temperatures, emits nominal heat and comes with a 10 Year Warranty. A high protection rating and fully sealed enclosures are essential for cold storage lights. MATRIXX® delivers measured lighting performance with the ability for adjustable lighting outcomes depending on site requirements.

MATRIXX® has been installed in Asia Pacific’s coldest cool room with a temperature of -45c. As the only compliant LED lighting system that meets these extreme temperature condition, MATRIXX®’s innovative design and Plug & Play architecture also enabled an external emergency battery module, to be installed in conjunction with the Matrixx lLED lighting system.

MATRIXX® is ideal for Blast Chiller as batteries are outside the freezer and in ambient temperatures.