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As a world leading, multi-award winning, innovative Australian IoT energy efficiency and clean technology company, Vivid Technology delivers improved environmental, operational & financial benefits through

  • Intelligent IoT LED Lighting

  • Smart Data Analytics Reading & Reporting on Over 3.5m data points, per light, per year

  • CO2-to-fuel Conversion Technologies

As a diversified innovative clean technology company Vivid Technology Limited delivers significant energy efficiency, productivity improvements and carbon reductions.

Vivid Technology Develops Solutions That Deliver Results Today and Create A Better Tomorrow

As an innovator, Vivid Technology continually develops solutions for the most pressing business problems. We will push the boundaries and our product range will continues to grow to deliver solutions that save businesses energy and money and enable them to make more informed decisions.

Vivid Technology

Energy Efficiency Savings, Carbon Reductions, Operational Efficiencies, Productivity Improvements & Cost Savings

Delivering optimum energy and operational efficiencies for businesses, Vivid Technology has recognised that the simplest, most energy efficient and cost-effective way for companies to implement IoT platforms is through intelligent IoT lighting systems. Every business needs lights and lights with smart sensors can create an intelligent connected network or intelligent ceiling.

Data Driven, Industry 4.0 Enabler

As a data driven, Industry 4.0 enabler Vivid Technology has designed, developed and manufactured a proprietary intelligent IoT Lighting system that is easily installed and delivers deep energy efficiency savings, carbon reductions, operational efficiencies, productivity improvements and cost savings.

Vivid Technology’s MATRIXX® intelligent IoT lighting systems capture site specific data and through remote programming and intuitive site adaptability creating up to 90% energy efficiency savings.

Vivid has developed different MATRIXX® systems to suit different business needs:

  • MATRIXX® ARRAY for businesses looking for wireless blue toothed connected lighting delivering deep energy savings without too much intelligence

  • MATRIXX® Synergy delivering smart sensor intelligence and up 85% energy reductions

  • MATRIXX® Genesis delivering intelligent IoT lighting, site specific data reporting and up to 90% energy savings

VIVID Technology

Vivid Ilumalite

Vivid Ilumalite

Energy Efficient Lighting Projects Delivered On Time, On Budget

Vivid Ilumalite is your commercial and industrial lighting solutions business partner, tailoring solutions to suit your lighting, cost and energy efficiency needs. Delivering high energy efficient LED lighting, Vivid Ilumalite provides lighting upgrades for new and existing buildings.

The Vivid Ilumalite team of lighting specialists knows how to create the ideal lighting outcome for your work place environment.

Less Downtime Greater Savings

Using the latest energy efficient human centric lighting, Vivid Ilumalite delivers lighting project on time and on budget with minimal interruptions. It’s a win for your business in every way – less downtime, better lighting, a more pleasant work environment, reduced energy cost, lowered carbon output and money savings.

With expertise in medical, aged care, education, hospitality and sporting industries, Vivid Ilumalite has earned a reputation of exceptional service delivery standards.

Read more www.ilumalite.com

New Co2 Fuels

Converting CO2 into multi-purpose fuels & Oxygen

NewCO2Fuels is a subsidiary of Vivid Technology. NewCO2Fuels’ innovative cutting-edge technology profitably converts CO2 into multi-purpose fuels (Diesel, Methanol or Hydrogen) and Oxygen.

NewCO2Fuels proprietary technology generates liquid fuels by using CO2 emissions and water as feedstock, and high-temperature heat sources such as excess heat from energy intensive industries and concentrated solar energy.

Sinopec, the world’s largest oil and gas company and number 3 of Fortune 500, has signed a commercialisation agreement with NewCO2Fuels.

Read More www.newco2fuels.co.il

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